David Letterman Style: 10 Reasons to Hire a Certified Holistic Health Coach

Sustainable Health is a process – an on-going process. But, we live in a quick fix culture and sustainable health is not achieved that way.  Sustainable means “able to be maintained at a certain level; able to be upheld; able to be enduring; able to be used without being completely used up… .”  I especially like this last definition. Our bodies and our beings are in a constant state of use. Even when we’re sleeping, our bodies are in a state of repair, rest and detox.

Sustainable Health is a way of living in balance with yourself and your environment. And many times, we need support to do that.

So, I offer you:

10 Reasons to Hire a Certified Holistic Health Coach:

  1. Because our behavior contributes as much or more to our healing as interventional medicine.
  2. Because for all the decades we’ve been told to eat low-fat, or low-carb diets, we’ve been getting fatter and fatter, until now, a full 1/3 of us is officially obese. (Clue: It’s not good fats and complex carbs making us fat. It’s refined carbs, sugar and bad fats.)
  3. Because the numbers of people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes is trending upward, and both are preventable, lifestyle-related diseases.nutrigenomics
  4. Because new fields, like epigenetics and nutrigenomics, are promising breakthroughs in health and healing, using nutrient-dense foods.  Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition. We are what we eat.
  5. Because pharmaceuticals, even plain aspirin, deplete important nutrients from your body, like vitamins B2, B6, C, D, Iron, Potassium and Folic Acid; if we can stay healthy without pharmaceuticals, all the better for us.
  6. Because it’s easier to make lifestyle changes with a coach as your partner than alone.
  7. Because there’s not a one-size fits-all way to eat, and you can discover and learn what’s good for your body that’s unique to your body, (your bio-individuality™) with a Certified Holistic Health Coach.
  8. Because a bigger challenge than not knowing how to create a healthy lifestyle, is knowing, but not doing what we know is best for our bodies and souls.

  9. Because the future of medicine is food.

    10.  Because together, we will succeed! And it’s way more fun!Fun on beach susnset


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