• Rumi

  • Thoreau

Mid-Life. That time of life now officially defined by years 45 – 75, some say even until 80! Your body, your brain, and your life are in constant transition.

What gave your life meaning for the last few decades is changing.

Your priorities are shifting. Relationships change. Jobs and careers change. The word “reinvention” has come into your thoughts.

Something as yet undefined is calling to you.  Something is pushing on you from the inside out.  You may have already lost old friends or family, and are experiencing grief for the first time, or more deeply than ever before.

You notice more and more, life is about change.

Like a snake, you may be in the process of shedding a skin.  Like a caterpillar, you may be in the process of completely dissolving to emerge as a butterfly.

And yet there is one constant. You. Who are you now?

What is your life about now?

Where are you looking for that answer?

What would you like your next decades to be about?  What’s your dream?  Do you want a compassionate, skilled partner to travel this journey with you, championing your changes and successes, challenging you to be more, accompanying you into the depths and heights you’ve yet to explore?

You may know the changes you need to make, but aren’t sure you have the will or the ability to make them.  As your Co-Active Life Coach and Sustainable Health Coach, I guide and support you on your journey of empowerment, fulfillment, passion and possibilities to up-level your health, increase your vitality and expand your profound enjoyment of your life.

You can make healthy changes and live the life you truly desire!

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