Sustainable Health

quote_rothSustainable Health

What distinguishes Sustainable Health Coaching from the hundreds of other health coaching choices you could make?

My commitment to support you in having the following experiences:

  • Knowing you are a magnificent human being, no matter how your ego wants to tell you otherwise, no matter what your current experience is of your body, and no matter how your outer world and circumstances currently look to you
  • Falling in love with your body, exactly as it is now, as the beginning of a lifelong love affair and magnificent, sustainable health
  • Knowing you have the power and the ability to transform your life – as long as you’re willing to commit to making choices and decisions that support that transformation
  • Cultivating discipline that comes from caring – which is more sustainable, powerful and loving, than discipline that relies on fear and deprivation
  • Knowing the present moment has tremendous power; in fact, that’s really the only place there is power
  • Realizing that the truth really does set you free
  • Accepting that the first person to forgive, to embrace with compassion and to love, is your self
  • Feeling ever-deepening gratitude for your life as a sure-fire way to have the beautiful, loving, rich life you imagine
  • Experiencing Mid-Life as the gateway to the best time of your life
  • Knowing that no matter what your age, you have your whole life ahead of you

I will support you every step of the way as you create the life and sustainable health you desire and imagine.

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