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Want a fun and eye-opening learning experience for you and others that will leave you feeling inspired to take a step towards your optimal, sustainable health? Each of these interactive talks will do just that.

Invite me to your conference, your workshop or off-campus retreat, your office, your brown bag lunch, your health fair or school, your local health food store, your book club, or any other gathering you’d like to put together.

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Sugar Blues

  • Is Sugar Toxic? Seriously?
  • Beating Those 4PM Blues
  • You & Sugar – Separation or Divorce?
  • Sugar: Cranky, Wired Kids & Tired Parents

Eating for Energy!

  • Energy Smenergy – Give Me My Latte!
  • Food and Mood
  • Primary and Secondary Foods
  • 10 ways to Increase Your Energy – without caffeine or sugar!

Weigh Less, Live More!

  • Diets Don’t Work – Right?
  • Hunger & the Snooze Alarm
  • Eating is FUN – Ditch Sacrifice!
  • 10 Tips to Weigh Less, Live More

De-Stress Now!

  • Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!!
  • Stress, Food and Your Mood
  • Managing Your Triggers
  • 10 Surefire Ways to De-Stress Now

Claiming 50 & Beyond™

  • But I Feel 35!
  • Changing Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • Leaving a Legacy

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